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#DEAM Spotlight! William started his employment at Midwest Teleservices International Inc. (MTI) on June 08. 2020. When asked about his employment at MTI William had this to say; “I’ve always liked helping others and at MTI I really enjoy being able to connect and chat with customers. Co-workers and management are great, and I always feel like a part of the team. MTI has always been understanding and they work with my disability by offering a flexible schedule, a mix of standing and sitting, and supportive co-workers.” Career Connections Inc. Thank you for being part of the team Will. #employment#team

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Updated: Mar 4, 2022

Is planning for long-term an option for businesses today? The pandemic disruption to the economy was massive, and the world then became hopeful about the relief brought by the vaccine. However, the variants of Covid-19 once again changed the ball game. Many countries are again back to lockdown and all the necessary restrictions to prevent the spread.

For many businesses who are taking the “wait and see” approach while there are still a lot of uncertainties, how can they stay “relevant” in the marketplace and most importantly stay “awesome” in the eyes of their customers?

This is the concern of many businesses and Midwest Teleservices International or MTI has helped many companies to overcome this concern by constantly communicating with their customers on their behalf!

With decades of experience and a strong commitment to business partnerships, MTI has provided outbound and inbound telemarketing and tele sales services for our clients.

Our mission is to grow your business through effective marketing services, not only to increase your revenue while reducing your cost, but also to increase your brand image through customer loyalty and satisfaction! In these times of pandemic, this is by far the best way stay “relevant” in the marketplace and most importantly, stay “awesome” in the eyes of your customers!

MTI, a 100% Canadian owned company located in the heart of Canada in Brandon, Manitoba, has spent 25 years delivering quality outbound and inbound telemarketing and tele sales on behalf of major Canadian companies. Examples of campaign programs we have run for our clients include:

- New Customer Acquisition

- Customer Win-back

- Upsell of Additional Services

- Migration to New Products

- Customer Retention and Loyalty Programs

- Inbound Customer Service Campaigns

- Surveys / Polls

- Lead Generation

- Company Announcement

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For proposal requests or business partnership,

Michael Waldron – President and General Manager

+1 (204) 725 4800 ext. 5

For job application,

Tracy Waldron – VP and Head of Human Resources

+1 (204) 725 4800 ext. 3

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