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Since we began working with Midwest Teleservices in 2006, they have quickly and routinely proven their value becoming our exclusive telemarketing vendor in 2010.
They are easy to work with and adapt well to the changing needs of our business, delivering consistent sales results on our local winback, broadband acquisition, revenue and wireless campaigns.

I am always pleasantly surprised by their willingness to take on new projects, no matter how simple or how complex the campaign. Their commitment to quality is demonstrated not only in their work for us, but in how they value and reward their employees. Whenever I visit their location, I always see familiar faces in the staff and the environment on the sales floor is fast paced and dynamic. The reps are engaged and driven to do their best work in support of our objectives.

The management team’s commitment to their staff is easy to see, and its value cannot be overstated.

Shelley Forester
Manager-Telemarketing & Wireless Programs, Residential Solutions, BellMTS

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