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Michael Waldron

President and General Manager

As President and General Manager of MTI, Michael Waldron has been at the helm of the company for more than 20 years as MTI developed a strong business partnership with Canada’s largest telecommunications company. He believes in empowering employees to do their job in a fashion that is fulfilling for them and profitable for the company, with a strong commitment to the old-fashioned business values of hard work, integrity, and honesty. His extensive business experience has allowed him to develop the skill set necessary to guide the company through the many challenges that it has faced over the years. At the end of the day, his greatest sense of pride is in a job well done by the people working with him.

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Tracy Waldron

Vice President and Head of Human Resources 

Besides her significant role as Vice-President of MTI. Tracy Waldron has held another vital company role as Human Resources Manager for more than 12 years now. As the head of HR, Tracy fostered employees’ career growth with perseverance, dedication, and sensitivity. She has also demonstrated Corporate Social Responsibility through close collaboration with Canada’s immigrant settlement agencies for newcomers, and provided them with jobs in MTI that helped them start their new life in Canada.

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Judy Hardy

Site Manager, Brandon Office

When Judy Hardy joined MTI in 2003, the company saw undeniable leadership potential in her that brought her to her position today as Site Manager. She started as a Customer Sales Representative, and was soon promoted to Floor Supervisor and eventually to Project Manager because of her dedication, organizational skills and the myriad of multi-tasking skills needed to see through the many projects assigned to her. She was then promoted to Site Manager where she ensures the highest level of MTI client satisfaction through effective site operation from goal setting, performance monitoring and full compliance to all the company’s policies and procedures. Her dedication, commitment and professionalism became a major factor in the remarkable success of MTI. Judy continues to set positive atmosphere within the organization, while consistently honouring her commitment to exceed MTI clients’ expectations.


Brendan Parlee

System Administrator and

Full-Stack Software Developer

MTI takes pride in the creative mind and problem-solving skills of Brendan Parlee who developed the core software programs that enable the telemarketing service of the business. Brendan holds two concurrent positions in the company, those being Full-Stack Software Developer and System Administrator. As System Administrator, Brendan is also responsible for the day-to-day operation of the network and all the surrounding software applications. He organizes, installs, and supports the network infrastructure such as computer systems, including local area networks (LANs), wide area networks (WANs), network segments, intranets, and other data communication systems. Having been in MTI for 8 years, Brendan enjoys the challenges of a constantly evolving software environment. He believes in the growth opportunities for MTI because of the presence of all the components for success such as resources, will power, skills, competencies, and teamwork.


Jose Recinos

HR Director

Jose Recinos is MTI‘s Floor Manager and is also one of the newest members of the management team. Jose started as Customer Sales Representative when he moved to Canada from El Salvador in 2017. As a Floor Manager, Jose ensures that the overall performance targets are met by providing support and guidance to the Floor Supervisors in the monitoring of calls. For Jose, each call is a golden opportunity, and must be treated with the highest quality of service and importance. Jose also provides the Site Manager with a full comprehensive performance report of the day-to-day site operation. Jose enjoys interacting with different personalities, and manages to bring out the best performance from each member of his team. For him, MTI is like a family where the show of respect is very important.


Rachel Hartnett

Trainer and Project Manager

Rachel Hartnett is one of MTI’s pioneer employees who started as Customer Sales Representative and has gone far with her career throughout her 13 years in the company. Rachel presently holds two concurrent positions in the company as Trainer and Project Manager. Rachel brings to the table strong knowledge of the products, and undeniable selling skills that give her the credibility to be a trainer for MTI’s sales agents. She also showed great potential in her role as Project Manager, and was able to successfully deliver projects in a timely and profitable manner. Besides her love for her job, she treats MTI like a family where she enjoys the teamwork and camaraderie in the office.

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Jessica Hamel

Office Assistant

Jessica joined MTI in 2013 starting as a Customer Sales Representative. She quickly put her skills to use as an Office Assistant. Today, in her role as an Office Assistant, she brings to the table strong computer skills, and assists all members of the team with upbeat friendliness to ensure they can operate at peak efficiency.

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