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Professional Services

With decades of experience, the availability of necessary resources and a strong commitment to business partnerships, MTI can provide outbound and inbound services for our clients using a proven system that is implemented in a very professional and efficient manner, while maintaining the highest quality standard of results.  Program setup can be completed in 10 –15 days or less depending on the program plans and details.  Setup includes, but is not limited to, product and offer training, customer scripting, data loading and processing, systems set-up, and formal agent training.  Depending on the complexity of your campaign, initial setup may require more (or less) time. We will work diligently with you, offering our expertise with campaign set up and ensuring all requirements are met.

Whether extending offers to a client’s existing customers, or generating leads through cold calls, our experienced team of customer contact specialists are always ready to provide the following services:



Inbound Teleservice

Put your focus on the more critical areas of your business operations, instead of waiting for a phone to ring. Let us answer and direct your calls for appointment settings, account access, and other inquiries.

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Outbound Teleservice

Reach out to new customers, expand your services to new areas, and provide offers and services to your existing customers by outsourcing your marketing campaigns to us. With decades of experience in Winback, Retention, Upsell, Conversion, Survey, and many other project structures, we can assist you to grow your customer base.


Chat Services

Avoid the complexity of setting up and maintaining your own hardware and software solution. Instead, allow us to engage with your existing and potential customers through modern and reliable technology. More and more, people would like to have quick access to your company's services or information whenever or wherever they are, through a simple chat or messaging system. MTI is equipped to provide that chat service for you.

Our Experience

MTI has a proven track record of working with clients who sell multiple complex products and services to both a new and an existing customer base. Naturally, the precise products and services offered will vary from client to client, but our track record is exceptional, meeting or exceeding desired client objectives to increase revenue, to lower costs, and to increase brand credibility and trustworthiness.

MTI has extensive experience in working with telecommunication companies. We have handled the following campaign programs:

  • Company Announcement

  • New Customer Acquisition

  • Upsell of Additional Services and Features.

  • Customer Retention and other Loyalty Programs

  • Customer Win-back

  • Migration to New Products or Services

  • Welcome Surveys

  • Business Campaigns

  • Lead Generation

  • Inbound Customer Service Campaigns

  • Fibre Conversion Campaigns

Advantages of Partnering with MTI

MTI will diligently work with you to…

  • Increase your customers’ loyalty and satisfaction

  • Meet or exceed sales and marketing objectives

  • Significantly shorten sales cycles and increase revenue streams

  • Provide professional customer service to new and existing customers

  • Provide detailed and relevant reporting

  • Reduce churn

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Live agents for a better call experience

Our dialer system is tailored to ensure an agent is always ready to accept or deliver calls – eliminating the wait times and recorded messages experienced with traditional predictive dialers. Eliminating the extra step of software dialing also minimizes the connect times for outbound calls, increasing the efficiency of our agents.

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Professional Agent Training

Our agents are trained in consultative selling by way of a conversational “soft” selling approach delivered in a respectful manner. We do not utilize aggressive hard sales tactics to avoid alienating your customer base.

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Quality Control Processes to Ensure Program Success

A huge component of our results is that coaches, monitors, and supervisors are always on the floor, and can live monitor agents to ensure that the client’s service requirements are met and to maximize the sales potential of the agents.

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Stable, Reliable, and Flexible IT systems

Operational software is proprietary, and purpose built to ensure tight focus and efficiency. The focused development is more efficient than the complexity of generalized software and allows for quicker development and adaption. Our server and phone system are vigilantly maintained and are designed to be scalable to ensure system capacity always exceeds its needs. We have multiple layers of commercial grade security protection to ensure that our software and data integrity is well-kept.

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Digital Call Recordings of All Outbound And Inbound Calls

Every call is recorded in full and can be sent to clients as requested. Calls may be stored for up to six months.

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Flexible Call Hours

Our office in Brandon Manitoba is open from 9AM to 7 PM CST Monday to Friday and from 10am to 6pm CST on Saturday.

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